Peace in your belly!

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Digestion is the energy factory of our body. Sometimes it can be disturbed balance in the abdomen, but fortunately, you can avoid many complaints itself. Many people have suffered from their intestines, such as bloating or constipation. That may be the result of among other things too slow gut function, an imbalanced intestinal flora or an increased permeability of the intestinal wall. Slow bowel function Too slow bowel function can lead to constipation and bloating. It is usually the ..

White teeth by bleaching

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A radiant white smile is something a lot of people dream of. With bleaching it looks like a piece of cake. But is that right now? And how healthy is it anyway? With a bleach-based hydrogen peroxide, the same substance as the hair blondeert hair, the teeth whitening: this can be done in a so-called turned out shop or a dental office. Home whitening is also possible, but then preferably under the supervision of the dentist. Going it alone Professor of aesthetic dentistry Joost Rafiq of the ..

How healthy is your mouth?

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Preferably brush your teeth after every meal, at least two minutes shine at a time, use a toothpaste with fluoride, go to the dentist twice a year. Most ' ground rules ' for a good oral care do you know wired. But there are more tips for a healthy mouth? The list with rules for a good oral care is widely known: Brush your teeth at least two times a day (but preferably before or after each meal) Polishing a minimum of two minutes at a time Use a toothpaste with fluoride Go to the ..

What effect do salt and fat on young children?

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Today I was on the first anniversary of my niece and I am amazed at what it has eaten. Unfortunately, in the negative sense. My niece has her belly mainly filled with chips and white bread. They also drank very little. Now I know that this is for everyone, but especially for a child is unhealthy. Her intestines are still developing and it seems to me that this is not quite well developed as a child frequently gets this type of food to eat. What are the consequences for its development in ..

Summer lentil salad

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Nutritious and delicious. Number of persons: 2 Preparation time: 30 + minutes ingredients: 200 grams of lentils 2 tomatoes 1 red bell pepper 2 tablespoons pesto 1 tablespoon vinegar 2 spring onions 1 yellow pepper piece of cucumber 1 bunch radishes Preparation Was the lentils. Cook the lentils in plenty of water in ca. 35 minutes. Let the lentils, drain and cool. Make the tomatoes and the red pepper clean. Cut the tomatoes and the peppers into pieces. Puree the tomatoes ..

Cold soup from Africa

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Chicken, I have you! Number of persons: 2 Preparation time: 30 + minutes ingredients: 1 onion 1 leek 1 ½ tbsp liquid margarine ½ tablespoon curry powder 1 teaspoon ginger powder 2 tablespoons flour 7 ½ dl chicken stock 1 small Apple 1 small can corn kernels 100 g fried roulade of chicken (meat) 2 tablespoons sour cream Preparation 1. create the onion and Leek clean. 2. slice the onion into and the leek into rings. 3. heat the margarine and sauté the onion and the ..

Too fast to treat thyroid gland as fast

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A too fast thyroid gland leads to annoying symptoms such as trembling, fatigue and diarrhea. Surgery or medications can you get rid of those complaints quickly. Your thyroid can work well, but he can also work too slowly or too fast. He is working too slowly, that is called hypothyroidism. He works too fast, then this is called hyperthyroidism. Both disorders have different causes and give different complaints. A too fast thyroid gland makes too much thyroid hormone, which is needed for ..

Healthy frying, is that possible?

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A nice French fries or kalua, nothing wrong with that in itself. But how can you prepare this kind of snacks as healthy as possible? A simple p with can be a true delicacy are. Just a few minutes and enjoy it fried potatoes. That frying something you better pay more attention, because you can do it in different ways: unhealthy and on a healthier way. Below is a brief instruction ' healthy frying '. Grease or oil? To start: French fries you can indeed do all kinds of ways, but it is ..

Spicy Orange drink

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Serve with pasta as a main dish with merquezworstjes. Serves: 2 ingredients: Piece of ginger root ½ cinnamon stick 3 (blood) oranges Preparation Peel it piece of ginger and grate it finely. Bring ½ dl water with the ginger and cinnamon stick to a boil to. Let this ten minutes. Strain the liquid and let it cool. Press the oranges and stir the herbal liquid there by. Divide the juice all over two glasses. Menu Suggestion Serve with pasta as a main dish with ..

Potato curry with Zucchini and carrot

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Delicious vegetarian number of persons: 2 Preparation time: n/a minutes ingredients: waxy potatoes 600 grams 1 small Zucchini 200 grams of carrots 1 onion Piece of ginger root 1 tablespoon oil Half tablespoon Red curry paste 0.5 dl coconut milk Lemon Juice Preparation 1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into thick slices. 2. Cook the potato paste into little water 5 minutes. 3. wash the zucchini and cut it into slices. 4. delete the carrots and cut them into slices. 5. ..